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Samhain 2013

This year, my Samhain ritual was more last minute than usual. I hadn't written out or researched anything in advance, and had loaned the book containing the ritual I intended to perform to my boyfriend, Storm. I got off work later than expected, and my living room (aka ritual space) was a disaster, thanks to the boxes I've still never unpacked, containing tons of old junk mail and sales reports from my time at the now-defunct bookstore corporation. I got home perhaps half an hour before Storm arrived, sans book, and I was completely overwhelmed at trying to shove everything off in the bedroom to be dealt with later. I nearly threw out all the ritual plans entirely and went to bed. Between the disastrous apartment, working long hours at work due to a recent promotion (yay!) and the overall malaise I've felt for the past couple of years, it just felt like too much to handle.

However, the last time I held a Sabbat ritual was last Samhain, and with the recent loss of my beauti…